Toddler Trail Meltdowns

Toddler Meltdown Little Si

Today we had a big meltdown on the trail. It happens. Not a huge deal. Here are the reasons we have trail meltdowns:

  • A tree is down (and has been for years).
  • The flower is the wrong color.
  • We are heading down from the top.
  • There was a stream. We didn’t walk in it.
  • His clothes are to squishy.

But normally it comes down to being:

  • Tired
  • Hangry
  • Dehyrdrated

Today’s fix was distraction. The best way for me to handle all of them is to smile, stay clam, and work on helping him with his emotions. 

Happy E𑁦M𑁦O𑁦T𑁦I𑁦O𑁦N𑁦S𑁦!

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