Osprey Poco Pack


{This post was originally posted 02/18/15 on an old website. This is the revamped version.}

Having a child carrier that fits both the parent and child comfortably can make or break the hiking experience. After researching packs during pregnancy my choice was the Osprey Poco Premium. My original pack was stolen so right now we are using the most recent version.


Here are the nine features that sold me on this pack!


  1. Top priority for me was to find a carrier that Ridge would be comfortable in and fit me comfortably. The Osprey Poco Premium pack has been a stellar performer.


  1. There is a built in sun shield that pops out quickly and stows away fast and easy.


  1. The front pack zips off to become your child’s pack or another adult’s pack.


  1. TONS of storage space!


  1. Rain fly goes on and off easy.


  1. One pack fits multiple adult heights with an easy flip of a buckle


  1.  There are plenty of pockets to store items within reach while wearing the pack.


  1.  Space for a hydration pack. (Although I still prefer to use a Nalgene bottle!)


  1.  It is freestanding making it easy to put Ridge in and let him sit for a minute before I put the pack on.


After years of everyday use at the park and on hikes this has proven to be an AWESOME pack!  Even as the pack gets heavier it is still comfortable.


Ridge has enjoyed the rides since he can see what is going on and has enjoyed many naps in the pack.


We get compliments all the time when we are out (especially in the rain as the bright yellow rain shield attracts attention!) and everyone loves looking at our set-up.  That could have something to do with the cute little guy inside!

There are three different Poco packs to fit your budget and capacity needs.
What is your favorite pack?

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