Urban Hiking Summer Fun

Get ready to play and hike! This summer meet up with parents and kids for Friday morning hikes. Held once a month this is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, find new places (or new ways to look at old places) to explore, play play play, and get some cardio (or is it weight training?!) in.

Stay tuned for dates, details, and lists! These will be in the South Sound Area (Seattle-ish if you are reading from outside of WA).

Look forward to meeting everyone!

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  1. Krystle says:

    We are excited about the summer hikes on Fridays:)

    What is the schedule … when will it start?


    1. Krystle, So excited to have you join us! Head on over to my facebook page (www.facebook.com/Chase-The-Trails-718456458327071) and join the closed group, Meet Up Hiking Group. I’m pretty paranoid about posting details publicly 🙂 Also if you shoot me your e-mail on the contact page I can add you directly to the group or send you a message. Much adventures! Emily


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