When to Backpack With the Little One

You’ve been watching your Instagram feed of beautiful pictures with toddlers and babies camping in the back-country. Thoughts immediately go to well I can do that!

The question comes into your mind “When should I go backpacking with my tiny human”? To carry them, all of the gear and dirty diapers?! The answer is when YOU are ready and comfortable with going backpacking!

Every parent taking their child outside, to the park, hiking, boating, is amazing. It takes planning, perseverance, and a great attitude. So don’t compare yourself to the photos you see. Instead take stock of what you ARE doing! Going to the park, taking day hikes, and car camping. Teaching your child about the outdoors, playing with them in it and learning about how everyone functions. All of those things add up to going further.

So when you are ready to backpack this summer, next summer or several years down the road, enjoy every minute of your time together because these tiny humans are soaking in every moment with you.


P.S. We haven’t been backpacking yet. I refuse to carry dirty diapers and honestly you can only carry so much as one person 🙂 And I’m REALLY enjoying car camping!

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